Suffolk Foundation Scholarship

Suffolk Foundation Scholarship for Adult Ed. Nurse Aide Program
Posted on 12/14/2019
Mrs. Burgess, Principal  and Mrs. Rose, Adult Ed CoordinatorCollege and Career Academy (CCAP) Adult Education Coordinator Robin Rose and Principal Connie Burgess attended the Suffolk Foundation: Women's Impact Fund's "Power of Women Together" Gala to accept a scholarship for a future Adult Education student enrolling in the CCAP Adult Education Nurse Aide program. An additional surprise delighted school administrators when a second scholarship was funded through the Host Family, under the Suffolk Foundation, for an additional student.

The employment outlook is GREAT for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s). The demand is growing faster than for the average for all occupations. CTE Trailblazers estimates an increase in employment opportunities for CNA's in Virginia of 21% through 2026. This means that almost 7861 CNA’s will be needed to meet our state’s demand.

Career benefits as a CNA typically include:
1. Good salary with benefits such as paid vacation and health insurance
2. Foundation career to pursue advancement through education/training.
3. Opportunity to specialize (long-term care, medical office, home care, hospital)
4. Job stability
5. Nursing school benefits (access to employer support for education, transferable credit)
6. Ability to care for family better
7. Personal and professional pride

With benefits abundant, many adult education students face significant barriers. The Suffolk Foundation: Women’s Impact Fund Grant will empower at least two (2) students to be able to begin a journey toward personal and professional development. Lao Tzu stated, “The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.” That being shared, the training of 7861 CNA’s, to meet our state’s needs through 2026, begins with not one, but two scholarships for CCAP Adult Education students!

Interested applicants should contact the CCAP Adult Education Office at 757-923-5254 for information on course schedules and how to apply.