Student Wears Her Vet Science Anatomy Project

Student Wears Her Veterinary Science Project
Posted on 01/29/2022
CCAP Vet Science Student Wears Anatomy Science Project

How awesome is it that one of CCAP's Veterinary Science students wore her Anatomy Project to class.  She used the anatomy information previously learned in class to design her T-shirt with labeled drawings and terms.

Mrs. Hudson is constantly finding ways to challenge her students when it comes to her program. When she assigns projects to her students, she places emphasis on background knowledge, talent, creativity, and originality. It is very important for students to learn the anatomy of animals in the Veterinary Science program. The multisyllabic terms, visuals and definitions can be quite daunting; however allowing students to use their learning styles for their projects usually garner a successful outcome!

Wearing your project to class is a surefire way of ensuring that you won't forget it!