SkillsUSA District Competition

CCAP's Cosmetology SkillsUSA Winners
Posted on 03/23/2019
Frankie Tallarico, SkillsUSA First Place Winner The SkillsUSA District Competition was held at CCAP, Saturday, February 23 hosted by our Cosmetology II teacher, Mrs. Crystal Taylor. The contests consisted of two events, Cosmetology and Fantasy. Our industry partners from Hair Cuttery chaired and judged the events.

We greatly appreciate them for their participation and wonderful feedback given to the contestants. There were winners in both categories. Three of our contestants will go on to state competition in April!

Cosmetology Contes
1st Place Frankie Tallarico, (will go on to state competition)
Cosmetology I - Teacher Ms. Gwendolyn Rouse
3rd Place Kayla Rankin, Cosmetology II - Teacher Mrs. Crystal Taylor 

Fantasy Contest:
2nd Place Deiona Smith, Cosmetology - Teacher, Mrs. Crystal Taylor (will go on to State Competition)
3rd Place Kayla Mingo,  Cosmetology II - Teacher, Mrs. Crystal Taylor (will go on to State Competition)

Congratulations to all of the winners and watch out for updates after state competition in April!!!!
Kayla Rankin Cosmetology II StudentDeiona Smith Cosmetology II Student
Kayla Rankin                          Deiona Smith

Kayla Mingo, Cosmetology II  Student    

Kayla Mingo