Look What's New at CCAP!

New Programs at CCAP! Take a Guess...
Posted on 07/30/2019
Look What's New

Electricity, Medical Assistant, Game Design and Development and Barbering are what’s happening! CCAP is proud to announce the implementation of four (4) new exciting programs. We heard the students and listened to industry stakeholders/business partners and these new programs were on the top list of what they felt was needed, as industry dictates.

If you’re ready to learn about installing, operating residential and commercial electrical systems, caring for patients/performing clinical tasks, creating innovative games, and hands-on training in clipper-cutting, tapering and styling, check out the links (click on the programs) below for more information on our new programs:


Medical Assistant

Game Design and Development


Now that we have your attention, contact your school counselor and let him/her know that you’re ready to enroll, ASAP!