Klassy Kutz Brings Class to CCAP

Klassy Kuts Brings Class to CCAP!
Posted on 10/05/2021
George Gay Working on His Faithful Client, BishopMr. George Gay Business Owner and Mr. Juan Armstrong, Barber of Klassy Kutz visited CCAP’s Master Barbering (Ms. Amy Hill) and Cosmetology, (Mrs. Taylor) classes to present information relating to barbering skills and entrepreneurship. Mr. George Gay provided the students information on managing/owning a business. He told the students that they can “be their own boss”. In addition, shared that he’s also a real estate agent which really captured their attention. He was passionate about this topic and wanted it to resonate powerfully so that the students could get the message.

Mr. Gay shared information about barbering techniques (how to cut various styles), customer service, safety, sanitation, and building a clientele, using one of his faithful clients, Bishop to demonstrate barbering techniques and the above-mentioned skills. Both the Master Barbering and Cosmetology students were highly engaged and inquired about barbering tools, techniques, and safety, just to name a few. Kudos to Dr. Gordon, Suffolk Public Schools Superintendent for connecting our program with these awesome gentlemen! And if you didn't know, George Gay is also Dr. Gordon’s Barber!

We look forward to our students connecting with them upon program completion!
                                 Klassy Kutz Visits CCAP