CyberPatriot Students, You Got This!

CyberPatriot Challenge - Round 2
Posted on 11/14/2021
Students Working on Random Problem Solving Activities

CCAP’s team did well enough to participate in Round 2 of the CyberPatriot Competition. This round was sponsored by Chick-fil-a, lunch on the Big Chic for our student participants. Students participating in this round received random problem solving activities. These activities range from password protection, hashing files, and removing unwanted programs.

Again, Parents were invited to watch their students at work via Google Meet. They cheered on their students and looked on as Mr. Hallwig and Dr. Emerson coached the students to the next level of the competition.

The students have completed Round 1 and 2 of the Cyberpatriot Challenge and have now placed in the “State Round Tier” category.

CCAP's Cybersecurity students will definitely be competing again in Dec 10, 2021!

Just can't hide that CCAP Pride!