CCAP Visits Creekside for Career Day

CCAP in the House at Creekside
Posted on 11/15/2019
Creekside Elementary LogoHow do dogs and cats get shots? What do you do if you can’t do haircut that somebody wants? Do you know that every computer game has a story? There’s a pathway from the military to the classroom?

These were the mixture of questions and topics discussed and demonstrated to Creekside’s elementary students. CCCAP teachers, Yvette Edwards Brown, Game Design Development, Mrs. Anne Hudson, Veterinary Science, Mr. Justin Nemeth, Auto Technology, and Mrs. Taylor, Cosmetology shared information about their industry career fields, in terms of their skills, education/training involved, as well as industry credentials needed in their specific career fields.

These students were very engaged and on point with their questions, which were relevant to the topics discussed. They listened attentively and participated during demonstrations. The teachers’ topics and presentations ranged from how to cut, color, style hair, trying on a cool glove called the Lead-Lined Radiology glove, used to X-ray animals, game designing creation and development and the importance of a story to provide meaning for a desired outcome, in other words, “winning” and using the military as a stepping stone for entry into the workforce.

We want to thank Mrs. Draya Burden and the Creekside staff for such a wonderful time. We can’t wait to do it again next year!